Our Practice

When they founded Friebert, Finerty & St. John more than 40 years ago, attorneys Bob Friebert and John Finerty brought crucial values to their budding partnership that endure to this day.

Tenacious & Creative Solutions

Bob contributed his use of highly creative solutions and his uncompromising focus and bulldog-like tenacity in resolving clients’ problems. These traits continue as FF&SJ trademarks. The firm is never satisfied until all avenues are exhausted in pursuit of a client’s goals.

Strong Relationships

John spearheaded the firm’s strong, useful relationships at all levels of business and government. John knew that building trust with legal and political gatekeepers and decision makers would help ensure that the firm’s clients have a fair shake. Today, FF&SJ’s lawyers remain an integral part of the area’s political, business and civic communities. Their plentiful contacts and deep knowledge help open doors through which FF&SJ can guide clients to success.

Client-First Service

Whether handling litigation or business transactions, the firm provides its clients with unparalleled legal acumen; specialized knowledge in areas such as real estate development, technology and science; and an uncompromising level of ethics and integrity. FF&SJ has the depth of experience and skill to compete against, or assist, law firms of any size.

FF&SJ believes that its clients deserve the best representation possible. It is committed to offering the area’s top legal talent and is firmly devoted to achieving client goals, no matter how challenging.